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My Multimedia Collections


I love the convenience and portability of watercolor painting, they end up stunning no matter how many layers are added. Click the image below for my first watercolor series, it displays beautiful women and animals. 


Oil Paintings

Oil painting is newer for me but is one of my favorite techniques. If you are patient enough to let your layers dry it has such a professional finish, it takes such a specific technique but never disappoints! Click the image below to view some of my oil and acrylic paintings.



When I began painting it was with acrylics so I have a deep love and more experience with them. Acrylics fast drying capabilities allow for quick and dramatic layering. Click the image below to see my acrylic and oil paintings.


Digital Art and Design

My new passion and fire is for digital art and design. I have learned how to use procreate and adobe programs well to create colorful pieces that capture nature, people and animals in such a newfound way. I love how easy, fast and clean it is to make pieces!