tranquil escape to nature for your space.

I strive to treat every customer to a personal and handmade piece that captures the essense of natural beauty.


I specialize in animals ( I love to paint pups), landscapes and people and love to have you involved in the process along the way!

Let me be your go to girl to help decorate you and your loved one's homes!

Custom Painting Types



Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is the medium I have worked with the longest. It has a quick drying time so it is easier to layer and change, however does not blend as well as oil so it is a bit more contrasted. 


Oil Painting

Oil is my favorite medium to work with and really flows well with my impressionistic style and saturated colors. Layering is more difficult and drying time is extensive so is a longer process


Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paintings have a way of looking polished with a few layers but can come alive with more layering and paint. I love to combine my sketching abilities with watercolor paintings.


Digital Painting/Piece

Digital art is an amazing way to combine different mediums with one tool. It offers endless ideas and opportunities for custom pieces.


I have many size options from mini sizes to large paper and canvases. I am always willing to thrift/shop for custom canvas sizes.


I love creating with multiple mediums and love creating multimedia pieces for clients.


I love to thrift for unique canvases like wood, mirror, metal and glass. I have different canvas options and am willing to try and find specific requests.


I like to work in order of due date and work to get everyone's piece done by their requested date and can work on tight schedules for last minute orders.


Lets create your piece of nature
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I asked Anna to paint one of my old family dogs, and the outcome was amazing. She absolutely captured our dog in such an accurate way that made for the perfect present for my mom. Such a beautiful piece we will hold on to forever!

Shaye L. 2021, watercolor painting client