An Introduction to the Creative Art Blog Following the Small Business Salices by Art Kidd Studio.

Updated: Feb 13

Welcome to Imperfecte Perfectum or, in English, Imperfectly Perfect, a multimedia art and small business blog!

Writer: Anna Kidd

I have always loved writing; I think it is because it's similar to painting, instead of paint, using words. There are so many different styles and interpretations that you can portray through the arrangement of letters and phrases. It’s a beautifully creative art form.

As I grow Salices by Art Kidd Studio I keep thinking of ways to use my passion for writing alongside my art pieces which led me to this blog.

My A.D.H.D mind can not choose one media in art, which is similar to my writing; I like to dip my little toes in different styles and a blog allows me to share with you my collage of art and writing pieces.

BUT..... Before I really get into it I want to share with you what to expect from following this blog so you know what you are getting yourself into

What to expect:

  • The straight up HONEST truth about the process of starting a small business.

  • Poems, stories and creative writing pieces.

  • Art piece of the week.

  • Photos of my little life.

  • Art tutorials.

  • Imperfect perfection.

  • Past stories and the truth about my life and struggles of mine.

  • My stance on the mental, environmental, social health of our world.

  • Tips I’ve found helpful while starting a career in graphic design and multimedia art from a science degree.

  • Any art piece or print releases.

  • Q+A from you!

  • My watchlist/listenlist: what I am currently watching on TV and listening to for podcasts and my recommendations

  • Pieces on women who inspire me and how in general women ROCK!

I will be posting on Imperfectly Perfect once a week, follow me on instagram to find out when a new blog post is up!

Scroll down for my 2021 recap :)

Graphic Art for my 2021 Motto: Sh*t Happens

2021's Motto: Sh*t Happens

Let's just say I am very excited for what 2022 holds for Salices by Art Kidd Studio.

2021 in general was filled with a lot of lows and extremely difficult days for me, and Salices, but it forced growth and strength from within. I am so excited to finally commit to my craft and expand into graphic design.

Since elementary school I have aimed for perfection: grades were the only way to measure success most of my life so that was what I chose to excel at because I could be "perfect". I loved to learn, which helped, but I LOVED to be the smartest -- that made me "more perfect"

What a bunch of bullsh*t, right? Thats exactly what I have to say looking back on the amount of stress and breakdowns school caused me for over a decade and for what? A degree that I am not even pursuing? It would be a lot funnier if I wasn't in thousands of dollars of debt. But that's America baby :/

Since graduating college I have learned to force myself to step back, look at the big picture and realize... you know what, sh*t happens but it is always for the best. My worst days are what create my best and my growth is sometimes disguised in mistakes.

A large transformation was with the people I surround myself with; 2020 and 2021 shed light on a lot of people's true colors and forced me to question the ones I once considered so close to me. I learned the same thing... sh*t happens and sh*t people happen but it makes me appreciate kindness 24/7 and love my true friends and family deeper.

But that doesn't make loss hurt less.

This all sounds so cliché, I know okay?

Low mental health has caused me break everything down to the basics.

I'm just taking it day by day and want to write it down, most of the time it comes out through my art pieces but I want to share the thoughts behind them as well.

Thank You !

Thank you for reading about my blog and a little window into my past year. I will be sharing more information about what I have learned so far in my life and small business to inspire you to take that leap in life or work. And maybe show you some artwork that inspires you to take it home :)

Check out my instagram to see more art pieces up close or click the button below to shop my in stock products!

Watchlist: Blacklist (Netflix), Last Man on Earth (Hulu), Euphoria (HBO Max)

Podcasts: Girls Gotta Eat, Smart Art Business

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