Time to Leave the Den!

Have you been felt burnt out or overwhelmed with your new business or job or just life in general this past winter? Well, you ain't alone because this past winter has kicked my ass.

This post is extremely overdue; starting this business has already taught me so much about myself and what works and does not work for me in my routines, projects, finances, etc. but it's given me a bit of a slap in the face of reality.

I was a born overachiever, I don't know why, maybe it's my pure thirst for competition.

Overachievers set such high standards for themselves because they constantly want to be the best. I've realized that has not always led me to feeling my best.

Going 150% at every aspect of your life is going to lead to burn out; I feel like I am still recovering from the stress that college and school caused me, and I didn't even know until it was over.

At the end of last year I went head first into this business and worked every day for a couple months, which, looking at it is now, is obviously unsustainable but I could not see it until I worked myself into a breakdown.

I am starting to feel like I finally have some better balance and routines in place to help me emerge from my burnout den. Hungry to get back to creating.

I am so excited for the spring and summer season, maybe I can thank the longer days for 25% of feeling refreshed but who's counting?

This may not be you, but I want to show you that all the pieces and creative reels and whatnot on my social media may look like I am killing it but every day is a new challenge, but I am up for it.

Each day I am working to be okay with not being okay, and I am taking that into my small business days too. Not every day is going to be a killer day and that's a little bit more okay with me :)

Your compliments fuel me like a fresh kill straight out the den... graphic transition? Sorry bout it!!

Black and grizzly bears have started to and are emerging from their dens ready to scour the grounds for food to eat.

If you live in bear country or are planning to recreate this spring season remember to be bear safe and bear aware!

Here are some quick tips!

  • Carry bear spray when hiking (even around Bozeman, some have been seen close to town)

  • If you see a dead animal while hiking or footprints, turn around. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • As camping starts again, remember to secure ALL food before bed FAR from your tent.

  • Keep a close eye on your dogs, if yours is anything like mine they tend to be a bit too curious and might attract an unwanted visitor.

  • Keep your garbage in your garage until pick-up (garbage is a HUGE attractant to them, like giving candy to a baby)

  • Birds do not need bird feeders anymore, there are plenty of resources, KEEP THEM INSIDE for the spring/summer

  • If you see a bear, let it be unless you absolutely have to defend yourself. (most negative interactions can be avoided)

If you take these steps you can prevent bears from being euthanized due to negative human interactions.

Keep our bears alive! They are so important to our ecosystems and are vital for places like the GYE to thrive.

Thanks for reading this and being imperfectly perfectly YOU!




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